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Jim is here, so is Charley,
Nora's back from Bali. 
Summer folks from away,
most of us well gone gray
have returned to the rocky
coast of Maine.

Ask, "How've you been?" 
and listen to a list that's grim:
of accidents and ailments,
assorted infirmities and aching joints,
bad backs and torn ligaments,
hip and knee replacements,
cataracts and tooth extracts.

Also here, are the year 'rounders,
their news isn't much better,
their bodies no sounder.
All suffering sprains and tears;
the usual degeneration of the years.



Year by year as seasons turn
Nature dawns fresh and new.
Year by year we too return,
but for those blessed with a human view
each summer arrives a little colder
spirits bright,

but bodies older.

A sense of humor is what we've got,

happy enough to watch the sea,

the boats, the summer scene...

Then add a lobster to the pot.

Another Summer in Maine.mp3
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