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At Luke's Bar and Grill


When entering a noisy bar at night 

hoping for some fun

women over fifty and unattached

face challenges unmatched

by men of similar age and plight.


Seeking to ignite a virile flame

the odds are never in my favor,

outliving men the way we do.

And since it's younger women

old men savor

I'm left alone to sit and stew. 


I am a single woman of fifty,

comely and well-dressed,

of ample wealth and some success.

But men who interest me romantically 

take a look and leave



Desiring still their mother's breast 

these aging infants, tit obsessed

ignore me for my modest chest.

It's enough to make a woman scream

to be treated like a mammary machine

whose worth as romantic prize 

is measured mainly by cup size.

Friday Night Slights.mp3
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