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I start many sentences by saying, 
As if I were in the middle of saying something profound
or pondering an intricate, delicate, or abstruse Question: 
"So... when traveling to Brooklyn
Do you exit Fulton Street station?"
(So here, when I say "so" 
I mean therefore.)

But it is not always so.
(So now meaning true.)
Question:  "So, do you always eat soup with a spoon?"
"I think so." So meaning yes, not true
Nor therefore as before. 
("Yes, of course I eat soup with a spoon you buffoon.")

But.. When I say
"It is soooo good to see you!"
Or, "It is sooo yesterday!"
Sooooo is also so very much like very.

Question: "So, how big is it?"
"So big you can't believe it."
"Sooo big?"
"Yes, that's so."
Meaning, correct. (On whose say so?)

Networking Event

But then again...

Question: "So... how are you feeling?"

"So, so." 

So here so

Is a measure of intensity

not like correct, true, therefore,

or very.


So... summing up 

I've said enough.

So, so long.

Saying So.mp3
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