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                                                    SURVIVING SEPARATION

                                                        A 10-Minute Comedy

                                                            by Robert Ferraro







DORIS is married to Steven. She is a lawyer by training but left practice to raise her family.  Exceptionally intelligent, Doris is sometimes challenged by everyday duties and is occasionally absent minded. 


STEVEN is also a lawyer and has been very successful in business. He is bright and cerebral but has zero mechanical aptitude. Steven is funny, generous, and good-natured, always with a twinkle of mischief in his eye, but like Doris can be hopeless around the house.


Separated because a viral outbreak has forced people to quarantine at home, Doris and Steven are in different houses. Doris is at their weekend house in the Hamptons, Steven in their New York apartment. They are obviously prosperous, but also down to earth. Steven is having trouble dealing with life without his wife in the house.   He is domestically inept, making toast is a challenge. Unfortunately, Doris is not much better, needs and misses him.  Each wants the other to come to where they are hunkered down.  Who, if either, will give in first?  

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