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                                                   AT THE PRECIPICE

                                                         By Robert Ferraro


JOSH, a 20 year old college senior is serious minded, but unfocused and confused about himself and most every aspect of life. He is currently in a gay relationship with Hal, who is also a soon to graduate senior.


SUZI, is a 20 year old classmate and friend of Josh. She is a passionate champion of feminist causes and has a lesbian lover.

Suzi is visiting Josh as he awaits the arrival of his parents, they are to take him home for Spring break. Josh is extremely agitated, he plans to break the news to his parents that he is gay and plans to move in with his lover after graduation.  His big dilemma: he is not sure this disclosure is something he wants to make at this time because he fears the changes it will mean for his relationship with his family, and his lifelong identity.

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