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A Ten Minute Drama

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This drama is pervaded by an undercurrent of tension and menacing violence.  Two wary subway riders try at first to remain civil and under control, but there is incipient hostility and fear caused by a clash of perspectives and sinister expectations.

Stanley, Late 60’s, dressed in suit and tie is heading for work. He’s a Vietnam War vet who now owns a small jewelry store in Manhattan’s Diamond District. A quiet, self-effacing man he carries the emotional scars of his military service.  He’s the divorced father of three, weary of a humdrum life, looks forward to retirement, and just wants to be left alone.

Leroy, Black man in his 60’s, dressed neatly but casually. He’s an ex-con who sings 50’s Rock and Roll in the subways to make a few bucks. He lives in the Bronx, has three kids, but no wife and has been hustling one gig or another all his life. Now tired and feeling his years, he goes through the “tambourine man” motions, but is just old, fed-up and aimless.

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